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[23] The episode was eventually broadcast about one month after the season finale, on a season re-run in Indonesia. Engager les élèves dans des activités physiques et sportives adaptées consiste à proposer des situations d'apprentissage qui tiennent compte des possibilités des enfants au cycle 2 et qui reposent sur quelques principes pédagogiques essentiels : adapter la distance ou la durée de l'effort à leurs possibilités physiologiques et psychologiques, développer de nouvelles coordinations motrices, varier l'environnement dans lequel ils évoluent ... Quelques repères sur les possibilités des élèves et principes pédagogiques à mettre en œuvre. Natalie, Elektra and Nicole ended up in bottom 3 and the judges decided to eliminate Elektra. Shandi and Camille struggled, but not as much as Xiomara, who Nole said looked like a "walrus wearing chiffon". Les ressources proposent ici, pour chaque champ d'apprentissage, une progression dans un exemple d'activité. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Camille said that she would get them fixed by her friend, who was a jewelry designer. The seven models went to the jungle of Sarawak, Borneo and had a camping challenge and had a one-night camping stay overnight. She was also praised for her response to rather harsh designers (which turned out to be actors testing the models' attitudes) when asked why she should get booked. April was hailed for her performance in the commercial and photo shoot, while Camille and Catie fell flat in both areas. Then, they were put into the test where they shopped at a flea market and found an outfit that was high fashion and complemented their body the best. Later, the models pose for TRESemmé while overlooking the Kuala Lumpur Tower. She said Shandi's strength was that she was not a sexpot and that she shouldn't try to be that and chose her as the winner. First aired January 13, 2004. Contribuer au socle - Apprendre en et par l'EPS. This week's reward challenge was a tricky interview with Janice Dickinson. On panel, most of the girls got moderate to positive feedback and Tia received best photo. Though the judges were put off by Jenascia's tardiness, they ultimately chose to eliminate Anna, the plus-sized girl of the cycle, for refusing to do the photo shoot. Marie received best photo for the second time while Sneha, Tia and Janice ends up in bottom 3. This was the cycle's recap episode. Le programme d'EPS est structuré autour de quatre champs d'apprentissage. While, Sneha, Tia, Josephine and Janice failed to impress the judges. L’éducation physique et sportive au cycle 2. EPS SANS CONTACT CYCLE 2 A DISTANCE MAIS ENSEMBLE. The contestants then participated in an acting challenge with Mark Collier. Camille decided to not follow the lines and instead, she rewrote parts of the script. The girls got their makeovers, and some were more happy then others. They also walked in a fashion show together with previously eliminated contestants. After the shoot, the remaining two met up with Dean and Dan of Dsquared for whom they walked in a fashion show. Casting calls were held in five countries, listed below: The sixteen models arrived at Ritz-Carlton Hotel and were immediately set to a runway challenge over a narrow strip of glass submerged in a pool. She took Sara. She vowed to make it to the top, despite what was going on with her health and to push through. The girls celebrated Sara's birthday, and Sara disclosed her passion for modeling, stating that she wanted it the most. Both April and Yoanna once again did well, and Sara finally showed she was more than just a pretty girl. Chacun d'eux englobe une famille d'expériences motrices dans lesquelles les compétences générales d'EPS sont travaillées et développées pour contribuer aux cinq domaines du socle. The ten models had a cocktail party as part of their challenge where they have to be sociable and glamorous to the guests. © éduscol | Ministère de l'Éducation nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports - Direction générale de l'enseignement scolaire, J'enseigne au lycée général/technologique, Je consulte les réseaux nationaux de ressources, Je m'informe sur le RGPD et les droits d'usages, Je me forme en milieu professionnel - Stages Cefpep, Je consulte le plan national de formation, Je m'informe sur la formation continue pour adultes, Fonctionnement des établissements scolaires. Shandi gave a pretty photo, but wasn't up to par with the other two. Catie struggled because she feared falling to her death, but went through with 12 frames beautifully. The winner of the competition was 22-year-old Sheena Liam, from Malaysia. The prize package for this season included a modeling contract with Storm Model Management, a chance to be the cover feature of both Harper's Bazaar Singapore and Harper's Bazaar Malaysia, a S$50,000 cash prize from FOX International Broadcast, a chance of becoming the new face of TRESemmé 2014 campaign, and a Subaru XV.[2][5]. The girls did a high fashion shoot for Solstice sunglasses featuring designs by Dior, Max Mara, Burberry, Gucci & Giorgio Armani. Janice and Tia ended in bottom 2 but none was eliminated as it was a pre-determined non-elimination episode. She didn't want to tell the rest of the girls because she said she didn't need the sympathy. The photos for the week were simple black and white beauty shots that focused on their faces. It was so named because April was afraid when it was implied that they might have to handle such creatures in a photoshoot. Camille won the challenge for her strong presence. Les ressources proposent ici, pour chaque champ d'apprentissage, une progression dans un exemple d'activité. Au cours du cycle 2, deux ou trois modules d'une même activité, à différents moments du cycle, permettent aux élèves d'évoluer et de proposer des réponses motrices de plus en plus élaborées. The next day, Shandi called him back and he wished her good luck in the next photo shoot. Instead of a photo shoot, the contestants performed in Tyra's music video for "Shake Ya Body".

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