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Hasn't scored a free kick in his last 26 attempts. Don't think so. I disagree with Messi teamwork, after all he is not a stingy player, "cr7 can be considered a better player in national leagues than messi.". Lionel Messi PES 2021 Stats. Technique: 87 - messi was never a genius of technique, not even today imo,his receptions r not feather-like, the kind of player that receives a long pass and controls it without even looking. it's a forgotten season because Barcelona didn't win ucl and everyone was overshadowed by the cr7 euro title, but he could have won the golden ball. Some of the world leading players on the wing positions, Sterling and Salah, have 90&93. 19 so far, that's ridicolous. aegon157 New Contributor Posts: 16 Joined: 2020 Aug 10 , 14:32 Been thanked: 2 times. .. Cmon man Barca-Real 5:1 and Real-Barca 0:4 against the weakest Reals of the last 10 years with Benitez and Lopetegui LOL, these were their last matches in chaoic moments. Post by vegitot » 2020 May 23 , 21:48 . The "Detailed stats" tab shows a player's total appearances, goals, cards and cumulative minutes of play for each competition, and indicates the season in which it occurred. Lionel Messi 99 - live prices, in-game stats, comments and reviews for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team FUT. Top. I mean, that is fair. His best was at Liverpool, when he was basically completely unplayable, and in my opinion, in contention for being one of the top strikers of all time..... Suarez at Barca was quite different. "2- Discussion isn't possible with people like you, since you are decided to resort to namecalling and "fanboy" accusations when you don't succeed in countering the other person's arguments. FC Barcelona PES 2021 Stats - Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 stats for all FC Barcelona players including Lionel Messi, Marc-André ter Stegen and Sergio Busquets. L. Messi is a 32-year-old, 97-rated Right Wing Forward from Argentina. Citizenship: Argentina ... you can filter by period, club, type of league and competition. Full Name: Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini. Level 1. Top. Just watch his disallowed goal against A.Madrid,his trap is just insane. Re: Lionel Messi. i cant name any player who can change direction quicker than him ,the way he does those 360 turns when his surrounded is just so smooth and elegant,specially without the beard. A forum dedicated to creating realistic PES stats, Moderators: furymaker, Fixer, Eternal Night, Kronosh, Korinov, Mod's, Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 10:56, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests. And why 1-touch pass? 98 tech,totally deserve. A forum dedicated to creating realistic PES stats, Moderators: furymaker, Fixer, Eternal Night, Kronosh, Korinov, Mod's, Postby PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09, 10:56, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests, he understands football like nobody else and can play any role In a good way, Niceeee 99 shot accuracy, technique could be 98 though. 89 is a top notch value, his off the ball aggressivness and incisivness just doesn't warrant a value like 89. Full Name: Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini. (all stats from transfermarkt) CR 93 minutes per goal or assist, Dybala 94 minutes with less than 10 penalties...Higuain outscored CR in his first Real year, that was his only real whole season as starter in CR era, 28-26, so he was the protagonist with your words, Higuain was not the player who sacrifices himself for CR, Benzema yes, the perfect supporting centre forward to feed CR. Imo ronaldo's TS as always been higher than Messi's, it's just that Messi is small and agile making look faster, and he keeps the same speed on and off the ball. Injury C really? Lionel Messi. I agree with you, for me the best suarez is the 2013/2014 season for liverpool, practically a "total player" for the team and physically better. I don't think it's debatable, but it doesn't really matter, the only reason I care is that I feel that season really takes away from Suarez's legacy. vegitot PSD Youth League Posts: 92 Joined: 2017 Dec 28 , 20:14 Has thanked: 8 times Been thanked: 34 times. 94 PES 2021. CR this year 4081 matches 37 goals 7 assists with 14 penalties!! 26 attempts is not bad either, we've shown in the past how long top tier, legendary status freekickers sometimes go without scoring, some even years (pirlo), messi has done enough to be in that status, he can go 2 years without scoring and that won't change. This is sort of effective in reducing his scoring rate just like in newer Pes versions, so that's why he is not scoring as much. Last edited by vinnie on 2014 Oct 28 , 02:26, edited 19 times in total. He can even beat La Liga record too, it's 20 from Xavi in 08/09, and also probably will be the goalscorer and top assist provider for the third season in a row, another record to set... Back the calls for an increase in form. What makes the diference between a kid and a professional player is stuff like defense/attack ratios, response, stamina,TW (very important and very hard to find a kid that has it) and mentality. 2021-06-30: Position: RWF Right Wing Forward: Age: 33: Stronger Foot: Left: Height (cm) 170: Weight: 72: Face: yes: MyClub: yes: Type: Featured Players The time off and weight gain really hurt him. I'm i missing something ? Forgot to say agree with as-10, agility was just as good as today's. Like: Sorry but 85 TS is quite frankly ridiculous. Post by PES Stats Database » 2008 Dec 09 , 10:56 . Lionel Messi. Top. 27/04/2014, 18:59: El Capo. Could even be above. Lionel Messi. L. Messi is a 32-year-old, 94-rated Right Wing Forward from Argentina. The most realistic Player Stats Database for the popular Pro Evolution Soccer series and the new eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020! * ( Approximation) Club boost. Over 18k players, and a over a decade of creating and analysing players. Joined: 23/11/2013, 4:26 Posts: 2726 Location: Aragua De Barcelona, Venezuela Re: Lionel MESSI 2004-2014. i'd rather wait untill his perfomances in the upcoming Copa América to make the new set. the ideal is to center the debate on messi and its statistics, and not on a messi x cr7 debate, especially when the debate starts with a correct decision by the messi mentality 72 that becomes a question about the power of decision and the mentality of Cristiano in national leagues, competitions with the selection of portugal and even ucls. Date of birth/Age: Jun 24, 1987 (33) Place of birth: Rosario. Last edited by vinnie on 2014 Oct 28 , 02:26, edited 19 times in total. Disagree with raise his atack. Last edited by vinnie on 2014 Oct 28 , 02:26, edited 19 times in total. 102. @ as_10: i don't think his DA should be decreased, in fact i have it at 92. Last edited by vinnie on 2014 Oct 28 , 02:26, edited 19 times in total. Lionel Messi. Top. Lionel Messi PES 2020 Stats. I agree he should leave for those reasons, but the cost of his legacy and how hes left Barcelona will be too high.

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