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browseable = yes Set the permissions so that everyone can read and write to it. Required fields are marked *. File sharing should be enabled on Windows machine after running the commands above. obey pam restrictions = yes, [public] Mounting Samba Share on Unix and Linux. If you want to be able to share folders with nautilus (the file browser), install the nautilus-share package (installed by default in Ubuntu 9.10 Desktop edition): Alternate: From the menu at the top select "Location" -> "Connect to a server". If you would like to mount your SMB share using your (server) hostname rather than the IP Address, edit /etc/hosts and add your samba server (syntax IP Address hostname). Once connected you will get a prompt that looks like this : Type "help" , without quotes, at the prompt for a list of available commands. Adding users to the Samba server. This post showed you how to install Samba on Ubuntu to allow file sharing. force directory mode = 0777, [Protected] For this tutorial to work, you may want to configure both the Windows and Ubuntu machines on the same subnet. read only = no Only users that are member of the approved group will be able to access the secure location with passwords. The noexec" option prevents executable scripts running from the SMB share. For this tutorial, we’re going to be using a network. Step 7 : Restart the Samba service for the changes to take effect. Next, open Samba configuration file by running the commands below. guest ok = no Many more shares can be defined using the format above. Installation of Samba on Ubuntu Next, logon on to the Ubuntu machine to install Samba. in above, ens18) save and exit. Example: XP clients can open Windows Network Neighborhood or My Network Places to browse available SMB shares. notepad C:\\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts, Then add the local entry for the Ubuntu machine to be referenced by the named ubuntu16.04. /media/samba_share): Now, using any editor, and add a line to /etc/fstab for your SMB share as follows: The share will mount automatically when you boot. Have your Windows computer use (via a network) a printer that is attached to a Linux computer. sudo chmod 777 /var/samba/shares/public. A Samba file server enables file sharing across different operating systems over a network. /mnt/data): Now edit the file system table (/etc/fstab) and add a line as follows: ...where 'bob' is the non-root user you log into ubuntu with, 'server' is the name or address of the Windows machine and 'share' is the name of the share. There is a fix in the troubleshooting section of this forum post. To add Windows system name to Ubuntu host file, press Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard to open the command terminal. You will be asked for BOTH your sudo and then your samba_user password. valid users = @smbgroup Change "%samba" to "%users" if you wish to allow members of the users group to mount SMB shares. If not showing on network browser in Windows –, Find the ip address of the ubuntu computer (type ip addr in a terminal to find it) Then in the address bar type \\your_ip_address\ in Windows file explorer (eg. Open the Places Menu, then click on Network. If you find any error above, please use the comment form below to report. Ubuntu and Gnome make it easy to access files on a Windows network share. This tutorial will help you to mount remote samba share to your Linux system. To do this, you only need the smbfs plugin. This section covers how to manually configure and connect to a SMB file server from an Ubuntu client. To install Samba, run the commands below. proxy = no To mount the share now, just use the following command as root. Then run the testparm utility to check the Samba configuration file for errors. Click the "Finish" box. For example, installing samba is not necessary if you only need your Ubuntu system to do any of the following: Access shared folders, drives and printers on a Windows computer (that is, act as a client with Windows servers). Create a file containing your Windows/Samba user account details: ...it should contain two lines as follows: Now create a directory where you want to mount your share (e.g. To mount the share now, without rebooting, If you wish to increase security at the expense of convenience, use this line in /etc/fstab.

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